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Eva Rayne

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Character Info:

Spathiel Princess, Eva Rayne

Name: Alatariel (Eva) Rayne'eht Tohr Mithrandir


Age: 35 in 2007 A.D. part, 15 in 1987 A.D. part

Gender: Female

Height: 175 cm


Eyes Color: Purple

Hair Color: Pinkish Blond

Birthday: 15th, April 1976

Race: Elf

Ethnicity: Spathiel

Occupation: Princess, MERASTA elite mercenary

Hobbies: Demon hunts

Likes: Jewels

Dislikes: Demons

Favourite Colour: White, Red, Pink

Accessories: 3 earrings, necklace jewel

Quote: "I'll bring you peace, my way!"


Primary Weapon: Left-Handed Long Katar

Secondary Weapon: Heavy Railgun

Close Range Combat Style: Spiritual Outburst

Magic Affinity: Wind Major - Earth Minor <<Pure Magic Heavy User>>

Berserk Skill: Blade Dancing

Focus Skill: Spiritual Barrier


 Table of contents:










Fighting Stats

Rating Breakdown:


Magic **********
Defence *******
Tactics *****
Speed *********
Evasion ***
Endurance *******
Spirit **********
Overflow **



Elf gal...




Character Development through Act I:


Character Development through Act II:


Character Development through Act III:


Character Development through Act IV:


Character Development through Act V -XI:


Character Development through Act XII:


Character Development through Act XIII:


Character Ending:


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