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Updates 08/31/08:

So far uploaded on the wiki:

Kasai Naraku

Eva Rayne


Sylphids (Fallen)

Thinkers (Gods)

be sure to play the music on the sidebar, it's Lucia's character theme.



Sylphids Vindicate is composed of two story arcs:

"Final resurrection" and "Eternal Wind"


"Final resurrection" is a two parallel stories telling, both are localized on Spatha (a fictional Earth-like planet), in conflicts with her twin dimension named Xiphos, inhabited by monsters and demons.  Both stories starts in France, in a fictional town named Lys sur Marne.

2007 A.D.: one is the story of Kasai and Lucia, two young students in arts.

From their uncommon encounter, things starts to get busy around them when Lucia is attacked for some unknown reasons by insane spathian demons. While looking for help around her, and eventually trying to understand why she's chased around by demons, she finds out that her friend, Kasai, is the heir of a prestigious demon family. And to not ease things up, he also his chased by the secretive Oblivion organistion composed of powerful xiphossian demons, and also by demon hunters! Trying to support each other in this mess, and with the help of their friends, a race for survival starts!


The second story's timeline starts twenty years before the events of Kasai and Lucia, and stars Stéphanie Lys as the main character.

Stéphanie lives a sucessful model career, with her young son, Alexis, their life is filled with nothing more than happiness. One day though, while striving to save Alexis from a random assault of Xiphos monsters, her despair and lack of strength needed to protect him unleashes an amazing unknown power to her, which multiplies her spiritual powers and sprout four magestic angel wings from her back. She manages to save Alexis, but only series of problems await her.

Now, not only demons and monsters start to attack her on a regular basis, but mysterious elven mercenaries come to meet her and foretell her imminant death. Having not much choice left, she follows the elves and tries to get as much help from them as she can.

Soon enough, she learns that her newly found power is the symbol of Sylphids, immortal guardians of the first world, Elysium. And that for rebelling against the Gods in her first life, she got cursed to get murdered with each of her reincarnation. For Stéphanie, the fight against fate must be won at all cost!


Eventually, when both stories come to an end and joins together, the "Eternal Wind" story arc starts, telling how Zelphyn, the Fallen Sylphid, finally manages to break through her fate and starts rallying her cursed sisters for their final fight against the Worlds Gods.



(Full list of characters: Link)


"Final resurrection" main cast:

Spatha, 2007 A.D. cast:

Spatha, 1987 A.D. cast:


"Eternal Wind" main cast:



Sylphids Vindicate isn't in any media format as of now, the project however should let birth to an amateur webcomic or/and an amateur 2D fighting adventure game.



As of now, Sylphids Vindicate themes are composed by Kevin Hicher, sample in the links section, on your right side (rotate your head 90° toward your right shoulder and lift your eyes upward while pulling your tongue out and lifting your left pinkie finger, you can't miss it).



 (From author's comments, like there's anyone else than me writing in this wiki...xD)

The creation of "Sylphids Vindicate" started when I was in middle school, 7 years ago. At first it was named "Naraku Chronicles" and didn't contain an universe as big as it is of now, obviously, it was centered around the Naraku clan, especially on Kasai (whose name is the only one who didn't get any change during developement phases).

At that time, it was a plain story about ninja clans fights, and Kasai was aiming to become the best ninja of the world (sounds familiar heh? no, I didn't get inspiration from the orange blond brat as I think he didn't even exist at that time, not in anime format at least) also, he was on a journey looking for his origins, as he didn't know his parents but knew he was a Naraku (problem solved as of now, because he lives with  his family in Sylphids Vindicate, lol), there was also that big bad guy who was like the best ninja and wanted to destroy the world, for the sake of his dead mother, that's right, that bad guy was heavily inspired by a well known video game psycho villain, haha.

And there was that girl who admired Kasai and was madly in love with him, she was following him around doing nothing...and she was named Sakura, I know, this is confusing, but she was actually named after the card captor girl (I watched this show, and actually liked it... xD), not the useless pink haired one.

Anyway, the whole idea was mostly scrapped, and for what was left, a deep revision occurred, and the result looked a bit more like the actual "Final Resurrection" 2007 A.D. arc.

With the help of a friend, which I don't know the whereabouts as of now (and who might be dead, or just ignoring me), we polished the details of the story to make it a bit more consistent.

First change was to rename most of the main cast, because they were all japanese and that I wanted it to be situated in France, where more ethnic variety lies.

So, Sakura became known as Lucia and started proving to be more useful to the story, until she made it to one of the lead characters role.

However, with all the changes made, the story was still lacking a real plot, as the bad guy was totally scrapped from it, as the world destruction idea too, hopefully that dude made it into a famous RPG where he fights a cool spiky blond hero =D (okay I'm stopping with the weird jokes now)

That's where the whole world creation idea came into my mind, it was actually a project I was keeping aside, but then I noticed I could actually fuse the ideas together, one had a plot, and the other had all the already developped universe elements.

That's when I started to have something I could continue to work on and finalize

More trivia to come later...


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