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Kasai Naraku

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Character Info:

Heir of the Naraku family, Kasai Naraku

Name: Kasai Naraku


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Eyes Color: Heterochromia - Red (left), Green (right)

Hair Color: Dark brown with a strand of white hair

Birthday: 10th, May 1988

Race: Xiphossian (From Family Curse)

Ethnicity: Japanese

Occupation: Art Student

Hobbies: Video Gaming

Likes: To slack off, his motorcycle, his wolf, eating, to wander around aimlessly, art

Dislikes: His bloodline, noisy people, people

Favourite Colour: Black, White

Accessories: Red gemmed silver ring, wore as a necklace

Quote: "Whatever."


Primary Weapon: Naraku Heirloom Sword

Secondary Weapon: Allan Sword

Close Range Combat Style: Ninjutsu

Magic Affinity: Fire Major - Lightning Minor

<<Xiphossian Magic Able>>

Berserk Skill: Naraku Bloodline: Hell Creature

Focus Skill: Hellish Blessing 


 Table of contents:



Main character of the story.

Kasai is the heir to the Narakus, a Xiphossian family living on Spatha and protecting humans from Xiphossian attacks, he lives with his family in the Naraku Manor (situated in France, Lyssae sur Seine), and attends an art school where he recently met Lucia.

At first, Kasai seems to be very lazy, often found taking a nap around, he's not very talkative either, trying to keep distance with other people.

And even when someone tries to get to know him better, most of the time his sarcastic nature discourages them to do so.

But all of this is only an act, Kasai carries a heavy burden from his past, because of this he in fact is someone very serious and possesses a lot of hatred againsts demons within his heart...this hatred against demons got him to somewhat dislike his own family, and himself.

As for now, he only keeps on living to achieve his one only true goal, killing his past best friend, Allan Tepest.

On a side note, Kasai has to hide his heterochromia with special magic, because his left eye color isn't human (it's pinkish red, an eye color only Xiphossians can have), he disguises it as a normal green eye.

At the start of the story, he gets targeted by an organisation unknown to him, now, more than annoyed, he has to manage achieving his goal, while paying attention to his new ennemies' assaults.



Kasai was born as a fire genius, with that and the fact he has Xiphossian eye color heterochromia (a symbol in the family for greater powers), it was decided that he would become the heir of the family instead of Natsume, his older sister.

To take maximum advantage of his power, his family was harsh and trained him accordingly to his potential, though he was spoiled by everyone as the pride of the family.

As a child, Kasai was a very cheerful boy, liked to tease around and make pranks/jokes with his sister at the manor.

During adolescence, he made a friend named Allan, who was a painter, he though this was interesting, and started to paint with him during his spare days. He also became friend with Lisa, Allan's girlfriend, that he considered as his odler sister. Lisa was even more skilled than both Allan and Kasai at painting, making them pretty envious of her.

Those were his happy days, but they didn't last long, Allan lost his humanity to a Xiphossian parasite, and eventually killed Lisa by accident. Since then, Kasai bears a hatred for demons.

He started to refuse his bloodline and ditched any task his family would ask him, from that point on, he was considered as rebellious, and became the shame of the Narakus.

Not so much time after, he met with Nathan, who finally could cheer him up a bit with his geeky world, he grew a passion for video games, and became quite good at it.

Though he had Nathan as a friend, he never tryed to become friends with anyone else and was socially withdrawn, until he made it to his art school.

At the start of the story, a flashback eventually occurs, explaining how Kasai met Lucia:

In their school's cafeteria, she went to buy a box of grape juice with her usual happy mood, however, the cafet' lady had already sold out her products. Kasai, being the one who bought the last one, and seeing the pain of Lucia who couldn't afford to buy one in time (she suffers from "grape juice fanatism", as stated by other characters),  kindly handed her the grape juice in his possession. After giving her thanks for the box, Lucia was strangely staring at Kasai, when he asked if anything was wrong she answered that one of his eye color is weird. Lucia could see though Kasai's magic, and was the only one able to do until now. Intrigued by the fact his magic didn't work on her, he decided to keep close relationships with her, so that she would also keep his eye matter secret.

Before the start of the story, Kasai's true powers got sealed by his father as punishment for slacking off his duties. The hidden fact behind the seal is that while Kasai will eventually train to recover his fighting level back, once the seal is lift, he will keep his new experience added to the one he had before the seal was put on him, supposedly making him twice as strong.



  • Has a born rivalry with Yuki Oozora, since their two families are swear ennemies. Yuki is arrogant, Kasai is sarcastic, most of their encounters led to scrambles. After a while, when they have to fight together, they eventually put their hatred aside, only keeping a sense of competition rivalry.
  • Is best friend with Nathan Lenheit, some geek, otaku, no-life, stated as "GON" by his friends. He only shares his passion for video games and some mangas though. Nathan eventually decided to become a mercenary working for the Naraku Family, as he said it would make his life more video game like. Now they're also fighting partners.
  • Is suspicious of one of his teacher, Léon Maxwell, who doesn't act like one at all. He soon discovers that his teacher has some outstanding fighting abilities. Once he knows that Léon is in fact a member of the Spathian Order, he starts to get more friendly with him
  • Is intrigued by Lucia Altwade, as she seems to possess some kind of power (she was able to see through his eye magic at their first encounter). They eventually grow a deep support relationship for each other as they both need to survive assaults from various chasers. Eventually, Kasai spends more time with Lucia to train her in superior fighting levels and elite magic manipulation. They also become a good pair of fighting partners, even more than with Nathan, because of their magic affinities (Fire and Wind), they complement each other more than well, gaining access to superior destructive magic combinations.
  • Is in good terms with his sister, Natsume Naraku, growing quite an accomplice relashionship with her for making pranks.
  • Is in bad terms with his father, Akito Naraku, as he always ditch trainings and family meetings, something unforgivable as the heir of his family.
  • Tries to not get killed by one of his later team members, Eva Rayne, as she is member of the MERASTA, a group of mercenaries hunting demons. During her mission, while she temporarily joins the Spathian Order, she eventually was assigned to become Lucia's bodyguard. That's when she first tries to kill Kasai, on sight. Hopefully enough, she's stopped by Lucia, who doesn't want Kasai to be harmed by anyone, Eva accepts and eventually call a provisional truce. Later on, when she starts to understand that Kasai is far from being an evil demon, she eventually renounce to kill him, though she never announces it to anyone, so as of now, Kasai is still on his guard when around her.
  • Was best friend with Allan Sethes when younger, he was a great painter artist, who forced admiration from Kasai. However, a turn of events led him to become infected by a Xiphossian parasite, which made him insane and thirsty of power. Eventually, during their fight, he mortally wounded Lisa Kelvin, his girlfriend, who interposed herself between them to protect Kasai. This, led to traumatic anger for both of them, at that time Kasai was the stronger one, he stole Allan's sword and eventually forced him to flee. To this day, Kasai is still longing for redemption by killing the monstruous Allan.
  • Had a friendship with Lisa Kelvin, who grew affection for Kasai as a little brother and later offered him the ring he always wears nowadays. At that time, Kasai was still a cheerful boy. Before she died, she asked him to not hate her beloved, Allan, for what he did, and ask him to tell Allan that she would love him for all of eternity. After her death, Kasai became a cold hearted boy, and started to hate all demons, including his bloodline, as he blamed them for making this world tainted with meaningless fights.



Kasai is a born fire genius, with that and the fact he was trained with the elite of the Naraku family, he has unrivaled fire power and techniques. Even now that he isn't training anymore, no one can beat him with his own element. He possesses lots of variety with the element and can basically do anything he wants with it.

Aside from fire, his second affinity is lightning, the most difficult element to train in, for anyone. He doesn't have a good level in it, but the fact he can use it is already a good thing all in all.

Fire and lightning don't have many combination possibilities, so he either use one element or the other depending of his needs. He does have one magic using both elements though, where he shoots thunder-shaped fire at lightning speed from either the sky or his hands, doesn't do as much damages as a regular thunder, but have greater on-the-time and area effects.

Kasai is a Xiphossian by curse, this, allows him to use Xiphossian magic, which gives him some boost in his already well developped magic skills.

For weaponless fighting style, he uses the ninjustsu martial art, where he doesn't really excel, but does a good job in it.

For weapons, he first only used the Naraku Heirloom Sword with two hands when he was young, as the blade was just too big for him. He couldn't master it at first, but quickly learnt how to use it while growing up, until he made it to the point of holding it with only one hand, something no humans can do.

As of now he can use combinations of magic with his sword quick efficiently, the most common use being making an elemental blade for more destructive power.

He later steals Allan's sword, and chain it together with his sword, despite the difference in size and style. He made his own combat style that way, using light and quick slashes with the katana in his right hand, and slower but destructive slashes with the Naraku sword in his left hand (note that he is right handed). Eventually, he can also uses the chain to make the swords swirl around him, cutting mostly anything around him in a wide area. Or use it to throw one sword at long range.

At times, he can also dematerialize Allan's sword, so that he can use the Naraku sword with his right hand, making it a quick and powerful slashing weapon.


Fighting Stats

Rating Breakdown:


Magic **********
Defence *
Tactics *****
Speed ********
Evasion **********
Endurance *
Spirit **********
Overflow **********



Kasai is clearly the offensive type fighter.

He didn't really have a choice, born with weak constitution, he had to make up for it by winning fights quickly before getting tired. He uses brutal force and speed to overwhelm his opponents while making use of great evasion for his lack of defences.



Kasai is sexy.


Character Development through Act I:

Is contamined by Lucia's Grape Juice Fanatism illness.


Character Development through Act II:


Character Development through Act III:


Character Development through Act IV:


Character Development through Act V -XI:


Character Development through Act XII:


Character Development through Act XIII:


Character Ending:

Happy-go-lucky with Lucia (I'm lying, this is no true)

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