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Mathilde Elka

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Character Info:

Lucia's best friend, tactical and water elemental genius: Mathilde Elka

Name: Mathilde Elka


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 168 cm


Eyes Color: Cyan blue

Hair Color: Golden blonde

Birthday: 1st, April 1990

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Swedish

Occupation: Art student

Hobbies: Video games, hanging out with Lucia

Likes: Teasing everyone, making pranks, technology, art, gambling games, sleeping

Dislikes: Old stuffs

Favourite Colour: Silver, gold

Accessories: Christian chain necklace

Quote: "You don't need protection if you don't get hit."


Primary Weapon: Dual bladed revolvers

Secondary Weapon: Knuckles

Close Range Combat Style: Muay Thai

Magic Affinity: Water Major - Earth Minor

Berserk Skill: Deadly Mermaid

Focus Skill: Painless Maiden


 Table of contents:














Fighting Stats

Rating Breakdown:


Magic ********
Defence ***
Tactics **********
Speed *********
Evasion *****
Endurance ******
Spirit ********
Overflow ********



Speedy, Spirity and Intelligent...





Character Development through Act I:



Character Development through Act II:



Character Development through Act III:



Character Development through Act IV:



Character Development through Act V -XI:



Character Development through Act XII:



Character Development through Act XIII:



Character Ending:


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