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The MERASTA was founded by the Spathiel elf named Asta, who at the time was a simple mercenary. She decided to form a guild of mercenaries, so that they could help each other in missions and find a place to train peacefully. The mercenaries from MERASTA were quickly reknown for their efficiency and as of now they still exist.

Since spathiels hazardously encountered a reincarnated Sylphid and learnt the truth about Elysium and the Thinkers, MERASTA became a representative force for all the worlds defense and wish to take part in taking back Elysium. Their last designed armors harbor the four winged theme, which is the symbol for Sylphids.



MERASTA is composed of mercenaries, they have no real purpose at first, until they became a representative force for the Sylphids.


Known Members:

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