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Natsume Naraku

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Character Info:

Character Portrait

Name: Natsume Naraku


Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 165 cm


Eyes Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Birthday: 29th, February 1984

Race: Xiphossian (From Family Curse)

Ethnicity: Japanese

Occupation: Famous pianist

Hobbies: Flowers arrangement, teaching piano classes

Likes: Piano, flowers, kids, classical music

Dislikes: Violent people

Favourite Colour: White

Accessories: Hairpin

Quote: "Listen to my death song."


Primary Weapon: Long sword (Temporarely Naraku Heirloom Sword)

Secondary Weapon: Dual sword wielding

Close Range Combat Style: Ninjutsu

Magic Affinity: Fire Major - Wind Minor

<<Xiphossian Magic Able>>

Berserk Skill: Naraku Bloodline: Hell Creature

Focus Skill: Hellish Blessing


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Character Development through Act I:



Character Development through Act II:



Character Development through Act III:



Character Development through Act IV:



Character Development through Act V -XI:



Character Development through Act XII:



Character Development through Act XIII:



Character Ending:


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