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Thinkers (Gods)

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The Thinkers, also known as the Worlds Gods, are eight beings created by the Existence to fill the original nothingness.

For that task, they were given the Power of Creation, which could let them create anything they wanted simply by thinking of it, that's where their name, Thinkers, come from.

To accomplish the task given to them by the Existence, they joined their mind and ideas to eventually create their first world, Elysium. Elysium was a perfect world, and the Existence, leaving after seeing that sucess, left them their power.

The Thinkers would rule over Elysium from the newly created White Tower.

Eventually, the Thinkers decided to create more worlds, independently from each other.

However, maintening Elysium's balance had put an  heavy burden on them, so they decided to create beings to take care of it.


And so, with the essence of Elysium's wind, the eight Sylphids were created.

Now that they got rid of their burden, they could let their imagination free and create more worlds, indefinitely.

However, they would soon be bored of one world,  forsake it, lock it away, and start another one.

Seeing this as cruelty for neglecting all their creations, Zelphyn, the fourth Sylphid, decided to try reasoning them in their madness, outraged by the words of their child, she was sentenced to immediate banishment.

Soon enough, her sisters (with the exception of Kalyas) came to reclaim her soul, and a battle started in the White Tower between the Thinkers and the remaining Sylphids.

They however couldn't face again the Thinkers' Power of Creation, and were soon defeated and sentenced to banishment too.


As to fill the gap for the Fallen Sylphids, the Thinkers just created new ones to replace them, and gave them a better sense of loyalty.


As of now, the Thinkers are still continuing to create worlds from their madness.


List of known Thinkers:


As a side note, Ahn'nil disappeared from Elysium before the events happening in the "Final Resurrection" arc story.

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